Monday, December 2, 2013

एक लड़की ऐसी है जो बचपन में बड़ी हो गयी

एक लड़की ऐसी है जो बचपन में बड़ी हो गयी,
शोर से इस रोज़मर्रा में अनसुनी सी ध्वनि हो गयी |
हल्के फुल्के कंधों पे उत्तरदायित्व से सनी हो गयी,
भागते से जीवन में रुकी सी खड़ी हो गयी |
सिलवटों से छुटपन में क्षण में घड़ी हो गयी,
कभी हंसी में बहती एक अश्रु की बूंद, मल्हार सी लड़ी हो गयी,
पुरुष के छोटे पौरुष की बड़ी सी तड़ी हो गयी |
नर-अहंकार के मरूस्थल में घास की पत्ती सी हरी हो गयी,
सैंकड़ो मर्द दानवों में नन्ही सी परी हो गयी |
अल्पायु की वायु में भी गोद कुछ भरी हो गयी,
आज ना फिर पढ़ पायी वो, इस बात की कड़ी हो गयी,
एक लड़की ऐसी है जो बचपन में बड़ी हो गयी |


  1. कुछ ख्वाब जैसे टूट गए हों, पैरों में कड़ी हो गई,
    एक लड़की ऐसी है जो बचपन में बड़ी हो गयी |

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  3. Logo ke taano ne todi khwabo ki duniya jo thi dil me basai...
    Sach main, ek ladki aesi hain jo bachpan main badi ho gai...

  4. that is the true condition of indian girl....

  5. soo true..!!! ek ladki aisi hai jo bachpan main badi ho gayi..!!!

  6. ya bro aaj kal saari ladkiya bachpan me hi badi ho jati hai...............

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  8. Hi ayushman
    I am really your bid fan
    My character is like yours
    Even I love Theatre and writing
    Along with it I even dance
    My dream is to work with you as a team
    Just hoping it to be fulfilled one day
    Ranbir kapoor;aamir khan;and;farhan akhtar
    Are my favorite actors
    But you are my inspiration
    Please do get in touch with me
    My email Id is

  9. Hi Ayushmann...........
    This one is as awesome as you are...............
    as innocent as you are...........
    as true as you are.............
    and I loved it as I love you............
    every time when I write anything to you I wait for a reply....
    I'll do the same this time too................
    because there's nothing else that I can do..........
    Because I love you...
    Your well-wisher
    Prarthna Adhikari
    @Cute_Prarthna at twitter

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  11. Really Nice

  12. its amazing ayushmann... really u r fab poet... how versatile u are... and the best part in ur poem is your depth of feeling and expression... the way u presented ur feeling by using so beautiful word elements of pure hindi... its mesmerizing....u r iconic personality... this tripti pandey is your big fan

  13. Its really very amazing poem....u r superb ayushmann sir.You r a superb actor, singer and a wonderful poet...sir I just love ur songs n ur poems.You r a multi talented person. Sir I was just 11 years old when I met u....aur main aaj tak wo din nahi bhuli hu...sir I always listen ur ur poems n I have read ur book that was superb...I loved the codes....sir I want to become a very good singer like u....sir u are my inspiration.. m a big big big.... fan n a follower of yours...

  14. very nice poem :)
    i really like it.. n u too :P

  15. It is really nice poetry and moreover it is in hindi which is best .

  16. ayush i jst read ur cracking the code n i feel lyk saluting u u r great man the struggle u made to create this was awesome i pray u see the stardoms as khans have been seeing i jst love u ayushmann

  17. even i wanna be actor n u hav given me hopes the same lies for me logo ko harosa nahi hota bt sure i hav a dream working wid u i hope i make it true one day tysm love u

  18. The marusthal line was deep...

  19. oh...i miss Hindi like a part of me that i lost long back :(

  20. Beautiful poem, yeh khani tu hr larki ki lgti hai.

  21. I really want to read Cracking the code..

  22. Beautiful poem written salute @ayushmannk in love with you 💖😘😍

  23. Replies
    1. yaaru inda tamizh person inga?

  24. बहुत खूब आयुष्मान जी। बहुत खूब

  25. बहुत ही जोरदार है।

  26. very good lines sir
    u r amazing...

  27. quite thought provoking...amazing write up sir....u continue to inspire always :)


  29. some sad deep words , lovely poem sir

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  31. Bahut hi khoobsurat hai ye Kavita...

  32. Ye kavita atyant hi sunder hai. Or kaha jaye to dil ki gehraion se likhi gayi hai hindi bahut hi sateek hai. Aayushmann ji aap sach me ek bahut ache lekhak hain or us se bhi adhik aap ek bahut ache insaan hai.
    I have watched almost interviews of yours.
    I wish you all the very best for your bright future.
    Aayushmann ji you are my inspiration i read ur blog and it gives me pleasure and i also write but not like you. You are more experienced. Moreover, in all respect I love you for what you are by heart......

  33. Very Nice Kavitaa!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Harshil Barot
    Just Web World

  34. kabhar nahi thi kabhi hamhe par apne bataya toh pata chala hume ek ladki aisi thi jo bachpan mein badi ho gayi thi